Last Update: July 19, 2021

We received an update from OWHA. Essentially it looks like the upcoming season will be much closer to normal than we had last year.  We anticipate league play, tournaments starting October 1 and the Provincial Championships to go ahead. U11 and U9 will be required to follow the Hockey Canada Pathway meaning they can not officially start until after Labour Day.  For more updates, visit OWHA.


OWHA was granted a reduction in Hockey Canada affiliation and insurance fee for the past season due to Covid. These amounts are included in the OWHA’ s $53.00 registration fee. Therefore, they have issued GCGH a refund in the amount of $12.71 per participant. If you wish to apply this credit, please enter discount code OWREFUND during your registration.  If you do not add this discount code to your checkout, this credit will be applied to support the growth of our fundamentals program to help attract more girls to our association and help them develop a love of the game.

GCGH Stars - Competitive

Tryouts or evaluations for competitive teams will be a separate cost and will open when we have a schedule set. Although tryouts are not required, they will be allowed and players will be able to participate from other Associations via an approved permission to skate form (PTS) starting August 13.   What this means for GCGH is starting the week of August 8th we will hold ice sessions by age and level with players that are registered with GCGH.  Starting the week of August 15, any players from outside of GCGH that have an approved PTS form will also join these sessions.  The goal will be to have the teams finalized by early September.