GCGH Executive

PositionBoard MemberContactDescription
PresidentRick LeachEmailAssociation president
Registrar HouseSherri MacKenzieEmailAll house league / DS registration and roster items
Registrar CompetitiveMarlo MacDonaldEmailAll competitive registration and roster items
SecretarySherri MacKenzieEmailDocumentation and notes
TreasurerCarey MacKinnonEmailAll financial matters
Vice President Competitive James BerryEmailAll competitive league programming and ice
Vice President HouseGuy LagacéEmailAll house league programming and ice


GCGH Directors

PositionBoard MemberContactDescription
Director AdministrationKathleen Dumont EmailAll hockey off-ice administration
Director DevelopmentJohn BowerEmailGCGH on-ice and off-ice program development
Director Communications Marie-France MacKinnonEmailInternal and external communications
Director Junior Competitive EmailU-9 to U-13 competitive operations on ice
Director Policy (Non-Voting) Dolly HosEmailPolicies and guidelines development
Director Risk EmailActivities, programs and operating procedures to identify, understand and insure against the everyday risks
Director Senior Competitive Pam FellbaumEmailU-15 and U-17 Stars competitive operations on Ice
Director at Large - Senior HouseEmailHouse League operations – U-15 and U-17
Director at Large - Junior House House League operations – U-9 to U-13
Director at Large - Lady Grads Darren Proulx EmailLady Grads on ice programming at Bantam/Midget/ and Intermediate
Ice SchedulerGerald GosselinEmailIce scheduler for all GCGH teams
Inclusivity & Equality Representative (Non-Voting)Melissa SimardEmail
Director – Sponsorship & FundraisingSeek sponsorship for GCGH as an association


Other Volunteers

WebsiteMarc Seguin
Equipment ManagerRon Remillard